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Canada Summer Games Rowing & LOWAC

The Province of Manitoba was awarded the Canada Summer Games for 2017 and the Kenora Rowing Club at Rabbit Lake was selected as the site for the rowing competition.  In celebration, the Kenora Rowing Club and LOWAC decided to have antique sweeping oars, donated by the rowing club, painted by local artists. Each oar depicted characteristics of a province participating in the event.  As well there was a Canada Games Oar signature oar. In the fall of 2016 LOWAC issued a “Call to Artists” for participants and eleven artists expressed interest.  Selection of the different artist to paint oars for the provinces was done by random draw at a LOWAC Board meeting.  Prices for the oars were set by the artist who added their artistic fees to a base price of $200 for an unpainted oar.


All the oars were sold at this successful event. Many have been taken to their “home” province by participants or volunteers at the games. Two were purchased by the Rowing Club and will be displayed there permanently.

The following is a list of the artists who participated:

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ArtsFest 2017 - Event Recap

Thank-you again to all our wonderful volunteers, sponsors and generous donors!


The Studio Tour was a wonderful way to experience another side of Kenora.  Artists opened their doors to the public for the day and continued to work - giving visitors a sense of how the creative process unfolds.  The Kenora Association for Community Living reported a very successful event with over 20 visitors dropping by their studio space.  The tour is the beginning of a weekend of cultural entertainment that invites the public to participate and enjoy the arts in its many forms.


Once again this summer 2nd Street in Kenora was closed down from Main to Matheson for this fun event.  Three long tents sheltered tables where over a dozen artists displayed their work.  Again the public was able to see the process of art being created –  charcoal portraits, glass, acrylic and watercolour pieces were for sale as well as The Bush Baby Series of books for children by Paula Thorburn.  Elizabeth Campbell books also displayed the writings of many of our northwestern Ontario writers.  Under another tent the interactive community painting event unfolded.  Over 100 visitors from all over Canada, Europe and Asia (all ages!) painted inside the red outlines of maple leaves drawn on a full size canoe.  The white background created a wonderful canvas for the bright colours that were applied.  This Community 150 project will be displayed at Green Adventures in the Kenora area.

Other venues included an interactive craft table sponsored by the Lake of the Woods Museum, the Bouncy Castle and a charity BBQ.   Wonderful performances by talented musicians and dancers created a festive atmosphere throughout the day.  Classic opera selections showcased the variety of music available in our city.  

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LOWAC Meetings - Motions Carried

The LOWAC board meets approximately 10 times per year and hosts the AGM each fall. Below is a summary of the motions carried from each meeting.


September 2017

June 2017

Dip, Dip, & Swing - Event Recap


Dip Dip and Swing was the artistic community’s interpretation of the Path of the Paddle.  The Call to Artists was sent out in the fall of 2016 and there was an enthusiastic response.   Over 35 visual artists plus 24 young art students from Inglenook Art Studio were involved.  Seniors from the Pinecrest Home for the Aged and eight members of the New Horizons Seniors Group added to the diversity of the population participating.  The artists from KACL also contributed to the event by making clay mobiles which were hung from the trees along the walkway from the harbour front to Main Street.

Volunteers from LOWAC’s membership and board spent a good portion of the 3rd week in June installing the sculpture, paddles and art around the city of Kenora.  An opening held in Memorial Park on June 27th was a well-attended affair on a lovely sunny day.  The Community 150 Grant project was displayed at this time– a white canoe with over 100 large red outlines of maple leaves – ready for a community painting event held during Artsfest.

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